Team LEAPfactory



It all began when an Italian duo of architects, as well as an enthusiast climber and a skier, decided to bring together their two souls: nature and inventiveness, technology and beauty, mountains and architecture. Through its evolution, LEAPfactory has remained committed to its roots as a mountaineer - architects driven company, always used to push its boundaries further. The goal: to realize a new way of building, according to the environment and the future.

stefano testa | founder
luca gentilcore | founder
silvia gandolfi | design manager
edoardo boero | design area
stefano girodo | design area
cristiana minetto | foreign relations
mary lefebvre | sales & communication 






The LEAPfactory team is capable of assisting you in the entire process to realize your projects. Our services include: geological survey and essays; authorisation and testing paperwork; executive design; fund localisation; installation and maintenance management; advertising launch and communication.  


Agostino Amato Elvienergy | ingegneria energetica ed impianti tecnologici
Sante Ansferri ETW | biotecnologie
Roberto Bellon Studio Corrado | procedure fiscali
Andrea Bruzzone | ingegneria strutturale
Corrado Corradino Studio Corrado | procedure fiscali
Corrado Curti Ingembp srl | ingegneria strutturale
Luca Lapalorcia | finanza e controllo
Alberto Morino Gdtest | ingegneria geologica
Marina Motta Motta e Associati | procedure legali
Luca Olivari Olivari Composite Engineering | ingegneria strutturale
Gianpaolo Pittatore GP Techno | IT hardware
Fabrizio Sudiero Motta e Associati | procedure legali


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Cleaf spa
Dolomiti Contemporanee
Fondazione Architettura Belluno Dolomiti
Francesco Mattuzzi
LCM Group
NDA Nova Design Automazioni
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