"we produce your dream house "

cut to measure for your needs, with the best materials, with the most exclusive finishings, with a unique technology, ready for the future. To build with the lowest environmental impact available on the market.


LEAPmyHome launches a new season in our products. Based on the LEAP philosophy and the experience we gained in extreme environments, we have decided to confront the theme of the “tailor made” home. Home is a concept that we want to associate to the pleasure and quality of the experience of dwelling: whether the home is for your families, your work or your business. With LEAPmyHome we propose a simple and effective process to realise your home. Cut to measure for your needs and desires. Thought, designed and built together with you. LEAPmyHome is an alternative to traditional construction systems. It is conceived both for new buildings and for the renovation of existing ones. LEAPmyHome is founded on the contemporary need for an energetically efficient house that is comfortable, flexible and fitting to our lifestyle. Like all LEAP products, myHome is a dry-prefabricated house that is completely equipped with power and sewage systems, fitted interiors and accessories. Ready to be lived in with pleasure.





The custom design for each installation is dedicated to the choice of techniques and materials to provide the winning solution for every specific case. With the only aim of high quality at an appropriate cost. LEAPmyHome is built with high quality, certified ecological materials, chosen to last in time. It has a very high level of efficiency and it can be energetically self sufficient. Good quality and adaptable interiors guarantee maximum living comfort. The materials employed are of certified origin and contribute to everyday well-being. LEAPmyHome minimizes its environmental footprint, thanks to an extremely easy and quick to set up construction site. It reduces energy consumption and simplifies management. It is made with recyclable and reusable materials. LEAPmyHome is adapt for any place and every living demand. Thanks to our architectural and engineering design services, the LEAP Team is capable of identifying the best solution for each specific need or taste.





"even the building process is an innovation "



To build a new house is a considerable effort. The aspects to be considered and problems to solve are many. LEAPfactory provides all the expert competences and professional expertise to respond to your needs. Our technicians analyse the ground, local planning regulations, local climatic conditions and landscape. A team of designers gives shape to your idea of home and provides a perfectly functional building with interiors according to your taste. All of this with a single contact to receive your questions and give you the best answer.



A full plan straight from the start will define with certainty costs, timing and quality. Without hindrance, without risk.



The home you desire. Ready to accommodate you. Fully equipped.p>



The home you desire. Ready to accommodate you. Fully equipped.





"an effective and transparent process "



Call us, we will give you every information you need. At our headquarters in Torino you can see the solutions we propose.


Site survey

Our technicians will visit your plot of land to assess potentialities.


Your budget, your ideas, your project

We start from your specific requirements. If you have a project from your own consultant we can produce it together.


Winning solution and reliable estimate

We will work out the best solution to give form to your aspirations within your available budget. In a short time and without unknown figures. A clear cost right from the start.


Industrialised production

The best technologies and most performing materials, all put together with the quality of numerical control.



The quickest. The cleanest. The most ecological.



The homes produced by LEAPmyHome are made to last forever. As any other traditional building. Most likely your needs will evolve more rapidly! LEAPmyHome is designed to adapt to your needs in time: you can change the interior organisation, extend it, modify openings. Without demolitions. Without waste. Within contained costs.






"contact us for a quotation "

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