EcoR / ecoT

Following the same guidelines for the LEAP modules the ecoR line of products is dedicated to the efficient solution of biological waste management. The modules don’t require invasive or costly pre-arrangements: they can be transported by a medium sized helicopter and can be secured to the ground by simple mechanical fastening in a few hours. Energetically self-sufficient and immediately functional they can house different depuration systems for various applications. The system modularity allows for the optimal sizing of the equipment based on the volumes of waste to be treated.
The ecoT products have been designed on the same principles to provide independent sanitary facilities. The same modularity and flexibility guarantee the best solution for the most various needs. From the basic highly resistant single module in support of mountain shelters – to the most advanced and articulate blocks for resorts ad campsites. The ideal solution for the provision of independent toilets wherever they may be needed: in support of existing accommodation facilities or to be used for temporary meetings or events.

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