A prefabricated building system, ideal for the construction of new accommodation structures. Entirely built off-site, ideal for transport by helicopter and easily installed on location with a limited number of operations (see timelapse). It is conceived in modular single-function elements that can be assembled to permit flexible functional programs. Designed to resist to the harsh conditions of high altitudes over time, it uses a composite sandwich shell-structure that provides high levels of mechanical resistance and thermal insulation. The specific shape, the construction system and the materials employed have been determined to offer the best performance under the exceptionally challenging conditions which are typical of a mountain environment. The interior fittings of the functional units have been studied for optimal comfort with special attention to the un-alterability of materials, to hygiene and to safety. The system is provided with an integrated technological apparatus that solves the issue of energy autonomy, producing power for all the equipment installed and allowing for remote control and monitoring.



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