LeapNest is made of natural materials and built with sophisticated techniques that land it durability, resistance and energy efficiency. Installation is very fast: few hours and no mechanical instruments, without permanent foundations and without invasive soil alterations. LeapNest is ecological: every material is non toxic, certified (CCO) and recyclable. Light- weight and compact, can be lifted by a standard (cat. B3) helicopter. Sold pre-assembled or in mounting kit. Empty or ready-to-use with customized interior fittings. See our realizations















Extremely resistant and durable


natural recyclable materials, energetically self-sufficient
and 100% reversible


Welcoming functional fittings
with an attention to aesthetics


 Practical and efficient, reduced price
and minimal management costs


Light-weight and compact can be lifted
by a standard (cat. B3) helicopter


A modular system that permits
different configurations for varying
settlement programs


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