MilkLAB offers an optimal solution to the problem of hygiene standards in the preparation of dairy products in existing alpine farming structures. It consists in a low-cost prefabricated, independent, modular laboratory that can be transported by helicopter and installed in any location with minimal ground preparation. The interior is fitted with a room for the transformation of dairy products, a small entrance and a changing room with toilet. The space and interior equipment have been designed in compliance with normative regulations in order to satisfy the structural and hygienic requirements to obtain a sanitary licence. Inside the laboratory is located all the machinery needed for dairy transformation: tubs, creamers, wash basins, heaters and dryers. The interior finish of the work-space is lined with easily washable materials, the work surfaces are provided with the right slope for the drainage and expulsion of unused liquids. Vapour extractors and water supply outlets are also provided. By integration with the available renewable source electric power generators the needed energy for lighting and machinery can be partially or even totally produced independently.

milk LAB

milk LAB

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