"the only house in mounting kit

with higher performances than a traditional one "




Quality and innovation


LEAPs3 is an innovative building system based on the important experience we have gained working at high altitudes. Our philosophy is founded on meticulous engineering and fully integrated numeric control industrial prefabrication. All the components of the building are produced with ecological, durable and very high quality materials. All these factors guarantee high quality standards. The outer shell is designed for a high energetic efficiency, which provides substantial comfort and reduces energy consumption. The integration with reliable systems for the production of energy from renewable sources permits a totally independent functionality of the building. Purposely studied advanced technological equipment solve any need for management and control. From air conditioning to rainwater collection and use, from biological waste sanitation to the most traditional domestic functions.


Well-being and respect for the environment


LEAPs3 significantly reduces the environmental footprint of the construction process compared to traditional techniques. The industrial production takes place in controlled spaces through optimised processes that eliminate any waste. Invasive and permanent foundations are not needed. Installation by means of dry assembly is very fast. Logistics are minimised. This simplification becomes an important economic advantage that enhances the implicit value of the final product. The building can be extended or modified in time in order to follow the changing needs of use. When the building’s function is no longer required it can be easily removed and relocated in order to restore the original site conditions. All the materials used are selected for their ecological characteristics and in respect for health. They come from environmentally controlled productions and are free from harmful substances. These qualities are guaranteed by specific certifications.





Beauty and functionality


The housing quality of LEAPs3 is further integrated with our care for aesthetics, through refined, flexible and ergonomically correct interiors. Carefully selected interior fittings are chosen from the best Italian made products and proposed in exclusive combinations. The interior space is carefully organised and elegantly fitted. Each aspect is solved with appropriate solutions: safety, lighting, acoustic quality. The interiors are provided with fully integrated furniture and accessories, though for living with satisfaction. The personalised design of fittings responds to the desires and needs of each subject.


The ideal home


The described features make of s3 an optimal construction system for both permanent and temporary uses. The dimensional flexibility of the different models is thought to satisfy the needs of many residential and commercial applications. New buildings, extension and raising of existing structures, annexes. Always with high standards and a style which can adapt to different contexts. A construction system that satisfies contemporary needs: quality, short time delivery, known costs in advance. Without uncertainty and with a minimum environmental impact. And the guarantee of a single reliable consultant for the whole process.

The models






A simple design for an iconic form with great expressive strength. The wooden portal supporting structure rhythmically defines the internal space and supports the internal fixtures. LEAPs3 re-proposes the typical “tubular” configuration of LEAPs1 and s2 with its wide openings at each end of the structure. The size can vary: two widths at 4,8 and 6 metres and a modular length at a 1,2 metre pitch. The height can be one or two floors high. We propose different internal configurations and it is possible to have personalised fittings.







An extremely flexible program, designed for the enjoyment of the surrounding nature and to maximise the benefits of bio-climatic dynamics. The main façade faces south and is protected from direct summer sunlight by the wide eaves of the single pitched roof. The outer shell can be produced to choice between opaque and glazed for its whole extension. It opens the interior space in continuity with the porticoes and the garden. The elegant wooden supporting structure defines the interior space keeping it free from given obstructions and allowing for many different distributive layouts.



"each building is unique "


The choice of the appropriate model is only the beginning of the configuration process for your home. The outer shell can be conformed in different layer packs that favour technological performances, ecology and price. The interior fitting is proposed in a number of optimal configurations according to different uses. It can also be personalised according to your specific needs. The overall finish, internal and external, can be chosen amongst a range selected by LEAPfacory experts. The technological provisions are specifically designed for our construction system. Optional packages are available for personalisation such as green energy production system, air-conditioning, lighting, domotics, furniture and waste management.



"even the production process is innovative "



To build a new house is a considerable effort. The aspects to be considered and problems to solve are many.

LEAPfactory provides all the expert competences and professional expertise to respond to your needs. Our technicians analyse the ground, local planning regulations, local climatic conditions and landscape. A team of designers gives shape to your idea of home and provides a perfectly functional building with interiors according to your taste. All of this with a single contact to receive your questions and give you the best answer.



A full plan straight from the start will define with certainty costs, timing and quality. Without hindrance, without risk.



The home you desire. Ready to accommodate you. Fully equipped.



s a new building system that solves many critical and obsolete aspects of traditional construction.





"an effective and transparent process "



Call us, we will give you every information you need. At our headquarters in Torino you can see the solutions we propose.


Site survey

Our technicians will visit your plot of land to assess its potentialities.


Local Planning assessment

Essential to work out all possible options from the very beginning.


Your budget, your ideas, your project

We start from your specific requirements. If you have a project from your own consultant we can produce it together.



Winning solution and reliable estimate

We will work out the best solution for you and define a clear cost right from the start.


Industrialised production

The best technologies and most performing materials, all put together with the quality of numerical control.



The quickest. The cleanest. The most ecological.



A LEAPs3 home may last forever, as any other traditional building. Most likely your needs will evolve more rapidly. The LEAPs3 home can be modified and extended without waste and at contained costs. You can even think about moving it to a new location!






"contact us for a quotation "

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