LeapHome Frame -

Courmayeur ski & snowboard school

1709 m asl, Plan Checrouit, Courmayeur, Italy. 


On the slopes of the ski area of Plan Checrouit, right in front of Mont Blanc, LEAPfactory has completed the new home of the Courmayeur ski & snowboard school. Thanks to the new LeapHome construction system, the building was assembled in only one week, right in the middle of the winter season. It offers high-performance construction technology, sophisticated design and customized interior finishes. Following the LEAP philosophy, the building rests on light foundations, it is completely reversible and it can be dismantled and transferred according future needs. All materials are environment friendly, recyclable and assembled entirely dry. Alpine skiing has always been an important factor for the touristic development of mountain areas, useful for the work and the leisure of many people. However this has often led to a high cost in terms of environmental impact. With the new home of the Courmayeur Ski and Snowboard School, LEAPfactory experiences a new approach to rethink this relationship. The new structure is made with innovative, highly performing and durable materials: it does not contain concrete nor permanent parts, it is completely reversible, replaceable and recyclable. LEAPfactory's high altitude experience came to realize an innovative construction system: LeapHome. It is suitable for the creation of both residential and commercial green buildings with high technical and aesthetic value, as the best known LeapHut Gervasutti Bivouac and LEAPrus 3912 eco-hotel.

Photos Francesco Mattuzzi. All rights reserved. 

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